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Are you vegetarian or vegan? It's much easier now to live a vegan lifestyle because of all the resources available. Many people think that vegans only eat beans and rice. While they are actually really good for you, vegans have a huge array of great foods to choose from.

If you are lucky enough to have a Whole Foods store in your area, you know what wonderful choices you have. However, for many vegans, that is not an option. Internet to the rescue!! There are so many places you can shop online for delicious and wholesome vegan foods. Here are a few:

Suzannes Specialties

Vegetarian Online Food Store


Black Duck Imports

Vegan Essentials

Here are some sites that are very useful for vegetarians/vegans:

Veg Dining

Veg Cooking

Liquid Vitamins

Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine


Dr McDougall

Dr Fuhrman

Christina Cooks

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